Tee 2½”– 4”

Model 800   

NEW Sink Top Switch Buttons 
Launching Fall 2020
Finishes to Complement Showroom Collection


77W-A Series 

Release Date :8/15/2020

Release Date :9/1/2020

Release Date :8/10/2020

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New Punch-contour stop design to promote superior flow characteristics and minimize turbulence
• Old style utilizes Dimple-Stop design (turbulent and noisy)
• Inserted water tube will now lay flush with the ID of the fitting, greatly reducing turbulence associated with current design

Significantly reduced laying lengths and improved cup tolerances to promote clean and professional installations
• Elimination of old style saddle-weld design for tighter envelope
• New Lap-weld design for significantly reduced outlet dimensions (shorter solder/weld pattern)
• Dimensionally aligned with market expectations

Enhanced spacer-ring technology for optimal sealing element protection

Design Enhancements  

 Features & Benefits 

Model 811R   

Reducing Tee 2½”– 4” 

 Water Chiller Tank CWT100 

Model 811   


Enhanced Large Diameter Tees Couplings  

Coupling w/ Stop 2½”– 4”  


Serve perfectly chilled drinking water instantly with the NEW CWT100 Water Chiller from InSinkErator®.

​Compact size: 10.3" x 8.7" x 14.6"

Designed to fit under your kitchen sink and ready to dispense water as cool as 40°F.

Adjustable thermostat to control refrigeration system 
Stainless steel storage tank and water connections.